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BLOG 1: Where I get my political information from

Coming from the St. Louis area, my primary source of political information always came from the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  Now that I have moved away from the area and no longer get the paper in hard copy form, when I want to hear about local St. Louis news in look online at stltoday.com .  Not only is this site free to use, it is also very easy to navigate.  The reason this paper is my primary information source is that not only to I get a St. Louis perspective on local politics, but I also hear about politics on a national level. Glen Beck.

Outside of the St. Louis Post Dispatch online website, the majority of my political information comes from word of mouth.  A family member or friends would mention some current event that I would then turn to the internet to seek more information.  Just the other day my mom was talking to me about how health care is now covering anti-smoking aids.  After hearing this is researched the topic more on the internet at this site.

While I would never consider myself a political aficionado, when I hear of a story or current event through friends or family, I will almost always research myself on the internet on Stltoday.com to find the story I’m looking for.

-Mike Vogel

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