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BLOG 1: Staying Informed

Before I started college, I really only got my news from CNN. I read it every morning at the beginning of my newspaper class. Then I came to Mizzou, where the journalism classes required daily readings of The New York Times, The Missourian and Columbia Daily Tribune. You not only had to have read the major stories on the homepage but be able to recall precise details. I relaxed with my devouring of these news outlets after the class was over but I still use the Columbia-based newspapers to stay in touch with the happenings of the community.

However now I use CNN rather than the New York Times because I like their user compatibility. Their site lets people upload content on a special part of their website as well as shows the constant popularity of all other their stories. New York Times allows some of the same features but CNN takes it to a new level. Their organization not only reports news all over the world but as well as what users find interesting. CNN uses the principle that journalists should report they facts, in addition to the business plan of relating the news to their audience’s dispositions.

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