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Blog 1: Where I get my information from (in France)

I usually get my political information from:

  • News on TV (French News or Euronews)
  • Newspaper (Both printed version and online one)
  • Discussions and debate at my school (it is a Political Sciences school)

But, since we were talking about bias during the previous class I should add that this is quite a big issue in France because there are a lot of media which are owned by the governement (like  2 of the 5 free french channel are owned by France Televisions, a public compagny) so the risk is that informations could be selected according to the governement’s need or priority. Another similar problem is that a huge part of media owners are very close to government’s members or even to the president so information in it might be subjective and partisan.

Concerning the newspaper they are mostly divided between those on the left and those on the right or according to the importance given to international news so (for me) the most interesting is Le Monde which is pretty neutral and deals with both national and international news. Sometimes I also read the International Herald Tribune or the Financial Times which are often given by our School to have some international points of view.

Here is a summary of French Media from Harvard Ressources.

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