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Blog 1: How I know what I know about Politics

Growing up, I knew who Bob Dole was before I knew Barney. My parents are huge politics buffs, so I have been surrounded by it since I can remember. Most of the information I gather is from my family. At any given gathering there are always multiple debates over current events, political figures and elections. My family has kept my interest in politics going throughout my life.

When I’m not listening to my family, I like to keep updated by reading CNN and Politico. Because I do not read newspapers, this enables me to be informed about what is going on everyday. Additionally, I enjoy keeping up with politics on the state level by checkingjohncombest when the Missouri Legislature is in session. I am also a Stephen Colbert super fan, so I watch that everyday.

My family, news and tv mixture allows me to stay current with what’s going on in the political world.

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  1. Jack O'Neill
    August 31, 2010 at 2:23 am

    I can’t find how to post my own blog entry so I have to leave a comment.

    BLOG ONE: Attaining political information has become so easy.

    Informing myself has never been easier with my iPhone and the numerous applications available to consumers. I can look up any article. Every morning when I’m on the bus on my way to school I check out the NYT, USA Today, and Fox News apps. I catch up on the top stories and anything that strikes my interest. I also occasionally look at the White House and Democrats applications. I like these applications because the articles come from a bunch of different authors with different backgrounds and political views.
    That is just one medium that I get my political information. I am not a big reader of novels but I certainly enjoy reading the newspaper. The New York Times and USA are my two favorite newspapers to read. While I don’t always pick up the newspaper every morning, I can catch up with what is going on in politics around the country online. Great websites are CNN.com, POLITICO.com, and TheHill.com. Most of the time I can read about the same event on each website, but I can pick up on some differences in the stories by the way the views and details are written.

    Even though currently I do not possess a television, I love to watch news on TV. My TV is either on ESPN or CNN. While ESPN is a different type of news outlet, I really like CNN’s opinion shows and they also have great, moderate media coverage. While I don’t agree with just about all of FOX New’s opinion shows, they do a great job with their news broadcasting.

    -Jack O’Neill

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