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I get my news from a lot of sources.  I have an iPhone so I’m always checking what’s going on.  It drives my roommates nuts how I always say “Oh my god did you hear about…?”  They joke and say that I’m the only news source that they need.  Enough about that here is my news list:

  • Newsy (I like this because they pull multiple stories from multiple sources and put them in one short video)
  • New York Times
  • Huffington Post
  • The Hill
  • Politico
  • CNN
  • Gallup News
  • The Rasmussen Reports
  • Local new too
  • Yes even Fox News

I use so many news sources so I can make and informed decision on the issues that are present in politics.  I think it is important to see both sides of the issue and understand where the other side is coming from.  Even though most of the time I don’t agree, but there are times when I do.

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