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Results – Sources of political information for Mizzou undergraduates

I did a quick count of where everyone said they got their political information from and here are the results.

The most frequently mentioned source of political information was CNN, which received 10 mentions.

Next was parents or family members, mentioned 7 times.

Here are the rest of results, with number of mentions in parenthesis:

National Television Sources (20)

International Television Sources (2)

Local Television News (one specific mention of KOMU) (2)

Newspapers (20)

Online Sources (13)

School (social studies, political science classes) (3)

Other TV shows/networks (2)

Radio (1)

  • NPR (1) – but this was a grad student, so maybe doesn’t count?

Family/Parents (7)

Friends (1)

Like I said, this was a quick count, so I might have missed or miscategorized something.

But overall, traditional sources (TV stations, newspapers, and family) led other sources. However, often the mentions of a traditional TV or newspaper source was actually of the website for that source, so I got the sense that most of the political information sources for the class are online sources. A few people specifically mentioned CNN apps for an iPhone.

Anyway, what else stands out from these results? We will discuss further in class on Thursday.

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