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Blog #2 Blunt ad, more like attack.

In this ad Roy Blunt is describing how his plan as  a U.S. State Senator will help small businesses. He actually says little about what he will literally do, only saying that he “supports lower taxes, less red tape, more American energy and letting small business do what they do best, which is creating jobs.” This ad is intended for an audience that is not happy with the current health care plan and people who feel strongly about small businesses. The main message seems to be if you support him competitor, Robin Carnahan, you want small business to suffer, and you believe in ‘job killing’. Overall his message is less of a proclaimation about what he intends to do, and more of a attack on what Carnahan has done. All things considered, I believe that his message is effective because those audience members watching this ad who are frustrated with President Obama see Blunt as a candidate that empathizes with them, and even better this candidate is also looking out for the little guys, a.k.a. small business.


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