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Blog 2 Blunt/Carnahan Senate Race

Robin Carnahan campaign: another Roy Blunt smackdown ad

Like most political ads these days this ad is mainly an attack ad.  Robin Carnahan who  “approves” this message spends the 32 second slot attacking Roy Blunt on many different issues like secret deals with tobacco giants and taking more money from lobbyists than any member of congress.  I see than the main message is trying to convince the voters that a vote for Blunt is a vote for more of the same.  Instead of using ads to promote their own plans.  Politicians are using almost all of their ad time to attack each other.  Which in my opinion is not an effective way to communicate to the public.  The ad is only effective if you are crazy enough to believe everything you hear or are a die-hard Carnahan and believe she does no wrong.  This ad is mainly focused to the Carnahan supporters so it may end up being more effective than I first thought.  It  is a shame that this is what American politics has come to.

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