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Blog 2: Campaign Ad

This ad was launched by Roy Blunt to campaign against Robin Carnahan.  Although the advertisement attacks Carnahan, it seems to be geared more towards voters who are unsatisfied with the Obama presidency rather than those concerned with issues at the state level.

Rather than addressing one particular issue relevant to Missouri voters, the ad simply portrays Carnahan as someone who will vote and pass bills for the democratic party rather than thinking about the good of local people.  Blunt portrays Carnahan as a “Rubber Stamper” and plays audio clips of President Obama that portray Robin Carnahan as his minion, of sorts.

The bill also touches on the biggest campaigns of the Obama administration such as healthcare, the stimulus bill and an energy tax.  Overall, this advertisement is extremely effective. Not only does it grab the attention of the viewer, but it also touches on all of the hot button issues that get voters (especially Republicans) fired up.

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