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Blog #2 : Missourian Candidates

As a Kansas resident I was unaware who Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan were, however as I researched about them I discovered who they were. Through this
ad and various other ones I found out that they are your basic candidates. They are always fighting with each other and discussing what the other one is doing wrong more than they are saying what they would do for Americans. In this ad alone Blunt is attacked Carnahan and calling her a poser and mainly attacking her character. I think this ad is intended for the audience that is on Carnahan’s side, because this shows them that she is saying one and thing and doing another, it is also trying to show how flakey she is. This could also be an ad for Blunts’ side of the voters because he is hoping it will reinforce their beliefs in him. I believe it is an ad that is not 100% original; a lot of candidates use the negativity aspect and try to make the other candidate look bad. If voters are against O’bama than this ad will most likely support the idea that they are against Carnahan, because that is what Blunt is trying to do. He is trying to prove that she is on his side and that the voters should agree with him. Almost all of the ads and campaign strategies follow these same ideas, both candidates are bashing each other in the publics’ eye.

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