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BLOG 2: Political Ad

Most of the political ads running for Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan for the Missouri Senate seat are attack ads. One such attack ad of Roy Blunt focuses on Robin Carnahan’s connection to President Obama and her “rubberstamping” of his policies.

The main message behind this ad is for Blunt to show how Carnahan is working for President Obama and his agenda while Blunt is “working for Missouri”. His message is to the millions of Missourians who disapprove of President Obama’s agendas.  He lists specific agendas of Obama which Carnahan is supporting and which would hurt the working class Missourians, such as the energy taxes and healthcare. His message is targeted to the working class who are losing jobs and the elderly who rely on healthcare.

I think that Blunt’s message is effective in showing that Carnahan is being supported by President Obama by fundraising. He included a sound bite of President Obama saying he needs another vote and “this already would have been done if he had Robin Carnahan”. In showing the Carnahan is is supported by and supporting Obama, Blunt’s ad is effective.

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