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Blog 2: Political Ads

This political advertisement is from Roy Blunt’s campaign. It appeals to almost every American with its patriotic sentiments. By talking about how his parents were famers and one room school teachers, it appeals to the working American. He addresses the nation’s debt without directly attacking Carnahan. The images of his family and of working Americans makes him seem approachable and relateable. By concentrating on the American values of hard work and education, he makes if feel as though all this is on the line if Carnahan is elected.

As a viewer and voter, I was curious to see more of the details and facts, but it was just an emotionally charged commercial. I did feel like he was more down to earth than most politicians. This makes me want to research his stances on issues because I am not as informed as I should be with this Senate race, so I would say this is pretty effective advertisting.

  1. jackoneill89
    September 6, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    I still can’t get to the admin page to post my own blog…

    Blog 2: A positive Message…


    This self approved ad by Robin Carnahan is a short thirty second message proclaiming what she has done for the state of Missouri as the Secretary of State and why she should be elected into the United States Senate.

    The setting of this ad is on her family’s farm in Rolla, Missouri. It gives off the impression that she too is a hard working American, appealing to hundreds of thousands of Missourians alike. She first mentions her term as Missouri’s Secretary of State when she protected her constituents and fought Wall Street and big banks to get Missourian’s their money back.

    Her main message is she wants to change the culture of Washington DC. She states that she wants to stop those special interest groups that lobby for legislation with tax payer money. If she is elected as Missouri’s Senator, she will be that stop to special interest corruption and risky big bank investments, and the change in culture that Washington needs to get back on track to a successful economy.
    This ad has a very cut and dry message that she is the representation that the State of Missouri needs.

  1. September 8, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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