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Blog 2: Political Ads

Not being a native Missourian I have not been following these two candidates but I have been watching their campaign ads today and have realized that for the most part they just attack each other. Neither of the candidates seem to have ads saying what good they can and will try to do for this state; they are just saying what bad things the other person has done in the past or what bad things the other person supports.

In the ad Roy Blunt has posted on his YouTube page called Fact check, the ad is an ad that Robin Carnahan made trying to show that Blunt is not the right choice every time a claim is brought up a word bubble appears on the screen that disagrees with the claim that was made.

This ad has a targeted the unsure or on the fence voter. The reason I say that is for the fact that people just vote for the party that they support and that campaign ads are not going to make them change their mind. Obviously there are some voters that support one party but not vote for that candidate just because they do not like that candidate but that is not the norm. These ads are to try to grab the unsure voter and bring them to their side. This ad is not very effective in my opinion. It just seems like it is Blunt calling Carnahan a liar. Other voters may like it but it is not for me.

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