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This ad is trying to get viewers to think poorly of Roy Blunt. It builds up the standards we as Americans should have and then gives viewers reasons why these standards will not be met by Roy Blunt. It talks about the idea of “Believeing in America.” According to this advertisement, Blunt does not.  It is building up our country and tearing down Blunt at the same time.

There are also underlying messages that aren’t so obvious. Overall the advertisement wants to put Blunt in a bad light but it also wants voters to start thinking of certain issues. Where a candidate receives his or her money from is something people might not think about when choosing a candidate. In this ad it says that Blunt has recieved thousands of dollars from big oil companies. The advertisement also talks about new energy and the ablility it has to create new jobs. The ad obviously wants voters to have this in mind when voting also.

The target audience would be voters who care about issues such as the job market, energy, and oil. It could also be intended towards people who are Republican because it is getting them to think differently about their candidate.

I would say this ad is most effective for people who have not done research on either candidate. It would also be effective in new voters. If people aren’t willing to do their research and just rely on what they see in ads then they will be moer easily persuaded by mud-slinging messages like this one.


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