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Blog 2: Roy Blunt Senate Race Advertisement


This Roy Blunt advertisement is aimed at the educators of Missouri and anyone who is an active member or has a family member in a Missouri  state-run education program. At the beginning of  the advertisement Roy Blunt is seen outside the school he formerly taught history at. In the ad,  Blunt announces the launch of his program “Educators for Blunt”, and  then introduces former  president Missouri School board Association, Peggy Taylor, who is chairs “Educators for Blunt”. Peggy explains to the audience that Roy Blunt has always been for “less federal intrusion and more local control,” which appeals to people who want smaller government. Blunt than goes into to tour the school he formerly taught at and interacts with the children and teachers. Roy Blunt comes off as this “down-home”, simple guy who is for small government and wants the community to be heavily involved. The main message of this ad is aimed at educators and reinforces the notion that they work closest with the children and should be consulted in making decisions related to Missouri’s education. I feel that the ad is also directed at working-class individuals who may feel they don’t have much of a say politically or are looked over by such a large government. The ad has a “grass-roots” feel and does appear to be right out of America’s heartland. The advertisement is effective for a few reasons:

  • Blunt seems approachable, like an everyday guy (lack of tie, relaxed appearance, rolled up sleeves, and former teaching background  this)
  • credibility is added because the chair of “Educators for Blunt” was the former president of the Missouri School Board Association, so is working with people who are informed in their field of study/work
  • shows Blunt comfortably interacting with children and teachers alike

To me, this Roy Blunt ad does what it is intended, it makes Roy Blunt seem like your compassionate neighbor who is out their attempting to make a difference.

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