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Comm 4473 Blogging Grades

Grades for the first two blogging assignments are up on Blackboard.

If you have questions about your grades, first check these instructions about class blogging and see if they answer your question. If not, email me.

Twitter has been buggy with our class hash tag, so I’m not going to require a twitter update as part of your grade for the blogging assignment. However, I encourage you to continue to post Twitter updates as part of your of the blogging process and general engagement in class. Twitter updates will still count towards class participation.

Also, if you are wondering what a really good class blog post looks/reads like,  it includes interesting analysis, links, breaks in the text, and embedded photos/video.

Check out these recent posts by class members for examples of really good blog posts: Elizabeth embeds her video, Tyler uses an image and links to a relevant article, and Mike has good analysis with a couple of links to provide information that provide additional explanatory information for some of the concepts he uses in that analysis. And all are able to do these things while still  including a blog title, category, tags, and submit the final blog post before the deadline.

Blog grading will get tougher as the semester progresses and we get more practice blogging. Just FYI.

Also, how awesome is that old school Missouri Tiger over there on the right?

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