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Blog # 3: All this time, and has anything changed?

The Nixon campaign seemed revolutionary at the time, as the book described they used television to “sell” the image Nixon was projecting. I found multiple quotes about the election process that still rang true for present day political campaings. First there is one that is prefaced with the thought that politics has a lot to do with advertising, it says:

Advertising in many ways is a con game, too. Human beings do not need new automobiles every third year; a color television set brings little nerichment of the human experience. (McGinniss, 27)

This is still true today, as politicians try to discuss issues, people still focus on unnescessary details like how the president designed his office or what dress the first lady is wearing.

Also as advertising is involved the text which is illustrated by how Nixon’s public relations team tried to sell Nixon like they would sell a product. Although they were innovative in their approach by staying away from shallow attempts to gain popularity, and instead tried to make Nixon seem complex by trying new methods through skillfully designed and produced for TV, they still sold him like a product. As said in chapter 2 you have to “get the voters to like the guy and the battle’s two-thirds won.” I believe this is a practice still used today. As for President Obama’s campain, there was a lot of focus on his personality and temperance to try and make the public see him as a friendly, caring person, while also someone who could get the job done as teh president. Still today, just like then, campaigns aim to form a well put together “product” that the public can buy into. This example can be seen also if you follow President Obama on twitter, his tweets try to portray a certain image and personality with a more relaxed social organization site. (http://twitter.com/BarackObama)

Lastly, one thing that has changed is the fact that media’s influence has increased since Nixon’s election. In the text it says that without TV NIxon would not have had a chance. They suggest that with him only being heard through the press he would not “get through to the people.” Today it is very different, because of all the mediums for communication and press candidates cannot rely soley on television, and reporters have a large impact on the public. For example from my personal experience I would gain more from reading an article from one of my favorite columnists or political commentors about the virtue of a candidate than watching their commercials or speeches. Before TV was seen as a direct path to the to the voters, now there are million winding roads that lead to that could all have information that affect their opinion of a candidate.

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