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Blog 3: Political campaignes from 1968-present

Nixon’s campaign was cutting edge for it’s time. Television pushed his campaign forward, and made him famous in a sense. Because of television the general public knew his face and his policies. He sold himself on television through his media team. They created a public or T.V. friendly Presidential candidate. During his campaign his marketers had him answer questions fired at him and then cut them so they worked with all angles of importance for the election. He seemed genuine and knowledgeable to American voters.

The Obama Campaign was also very innovative for a presidential campaign. He used the fact that the country was curious of him to create positive momentum towards his campaign. Obama wasted no time capturing American attention. In his introductory ads he branded himself. He became the face of change in America. His campaign was different than others because he used all the media outlets available to him. He was on political talk shows, but he also danced on Ellen. He sent texts, twittered, and emailed his supporters. Obama t-shirts were made with the word “Hope” on each one and worn across America. This made it “cool” or popular to vote for Obama. His marketing strategy was very effective in giving his audience high user status. Meaning it made anyone supporting Obama feel as though they had a high social status.

Both of the above campaigns show that through good marketing and media attention Presidential candidates can change American attitudes to their liking. As American’s we live in a time poor society, so if we catch multitudes of positive information quickly during our busy schedules and and it  highlights the candidate we are most likely going to follow that attitude throughout their campaign.

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