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New mediums have effected elections back in the 1960’s and today. Back in 1968 television was the new medium. It impacted elections in a huge way. http://www.museum.tv/eotvsection.php?entrycode=kennedy-nixonThe elections in 1960 between JFK and Nixon were coined, “The Great Debates.” These debates changed the way people looked at politics. Not only did people have a voice to hear, but now they had a person to look at. Nonverbal communication skills became vital to candidates when just years before they weren’t as important. Public image was an emerging idea when it came to television debates. JFK captured the audience with his charisma and good nonverbal skills. The debates in general grabbed the audience’s attention. According to Erika Allen from the Museum of Broadcast Communications, 6% of voters reported that the candidate they voted on was a result of the debates alone. In the end of the 1960 campaign JFK came out on top.

                The second time around Nixon made sure he capitalized on the new medium rather than getting defeated by it. He reinvented himself through television.  This is where the idea of campaign advisors came into play. Nixon needed a team of people to make him look good. In the 1960 televised debate Nixon did not shave his 5 o’clock shadow. In the 1968 debate Nixon realized how important appearance was.http://www.essortment.com/all/firsttelevised_rfbn.htm He changed what people thought of him and changed his public image. He and his advisors did it right because in the end he came out on top.

                In the 2008 elections the new medium was the internet. Although the internet had been around for years; no candidate had used them quite like McCain and Obama did. Obama especially capitalized on the internet and used it to speak to different audiences. He used websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and different blog websites. He reached younger voters by doing this. He also used his website to gain donations.http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/11/07/how-obamas-internet-campaign-changed-politics/ 

Money is something that has always been inportant when it comes to presidential elections. Today more than ever having plenty of money to spend is extremely important. It will determine what kind of campaign that candidate will have. The more money, the bigger campaign. Candidates will do anything they can do gain money through donations. Whether it is through text messages or their own personal websites they gain millions from donations.

Although campaigns have changed dramatically from the Nixon debates. There are also many things that have stayed the same. Candidates are constantly adapting to whatever comes their way. Whether it’s new mediums or new ways of debating candidates not only have to adapt but they have to adapt quickly. Nixon learned this the hard way when he ran against JFK. He did not adapt quickly enough. Obama however, grabbed the new medium by the horns and took over the internet. He used every channel he could to get to the voters.

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