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From Then to Now

The era of black and white, still photo commercials, and dry debates have changed.  We now live in a world of You Tube where anyone can post a commercial if they wish.  For example Obama Girl was a hit in the cyber world of what I like to call, self ads.

As discussed in my class we see that self-image became a huge factor in the first Nixon campaign.  He was seen as a grumpy old man and as someone the American people didn’t want to see lead them. I believe this was a big part of the Obama and McCain race.  Many young voters did not feel comfortable voting for an older man and perhaps saw him as a grumpy man.

Now a days, when parties put up a person to run for president they have to be someone who can handle the press being all around them.  A way the Nixon campaign in 1968 was able to get away from the press was by doing controlled events.  You can’t control the press now, after lecture we agreed that it would be way to expensive to do anything like that these days.

Until next time,

Chase Ruble

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