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Blog 4: Journalists in Crisis

Trying to argue what the specific role of journalists in society is can be a daunting task. It is often said that journalists can be the watchdogs of democracy and a sort of gateway between the public, and the current happenings of a society. In particular, Bill Moyers,  “Buying the War“, challenges the topics that we find relevant when it comes to how the public feels about journalists. In particular, the video turns to how Presidents feel about journalists when situations of a national matter are explored.

September 11th was a trying time in America, to say the least. The nation felt the need to come together and show the rest of the world that we stand strong together. Or in the words of many campaigns, united we stand. When President Bush came out with his ideas concerning the middle east and the possibilities of Weapons of Mass Destruction, there was a surge of support. Journalists mainly showed the ideas of the President as the right plan. For the nation, this asserted a level of comfort. The nation was expected to stand by their leader. Although as the conflict continued, the public wavered on its opinion of the Presidents choices, the press still aimed to be an encouraging source as to not rock any boats with the administration and with the public. The journalists were essentially pitching the war to the general public.

While I think it’s good for journalists to support their country and the decisions of their country’s leaders, it is also important to bring the facts no matter what the case. There are certain responsibilities attached to being a journalist and those responsibilities are to be unbiased, honest, and make the best  decisions in regards to the public when it comes to the news.

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