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Blog 4: Journalists’ role during war

Journalist should challenge the president and military leaders during a war. If all journalists were to agree completely in their writing with the president or the way the war is going people would not get all sides of the story. If journalists keep quiet when they disagree with a war it would be called propaganda. To me that seems reminiscent of WWII in Germany during Nazi control, when journalist could only write positive articles, or make positive documents for Hitler and his military. It would be oppressive to both the journalists and the general population if no one was able to write against war or presidential actions.  In America we pride ourselves on freedom of speech, and this would fall under that category.

Journalists’ role during a war is to inform, and educate the masses. When journalists were first able to truly penetrate into battle lines and see first hand in war, Americans changed their blind support for all American involvement in war. This came about during Vietnam, when camera’s were first allowed on the the battlefield. Americans finally were able to get a glimpse of the horrors of war and as a whole our society was in uproar; it was the first war without majority support. Now that people are more informed to both arguments for and against the war it helps us to think critically about or support. We, as an audience, can now have less biased information given to us, therefore helping us decide for ourselves where we stand instead of having an opinion spoon fed to us. Not saying that American media doesn’t try to spoon feed their audiences, with “infotainment” and one sided views, but at least now we have more than one view to follow.

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