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Blog 4: Media and War

To be completely honest here I am not certain on which side to go with. Do I think that the journalist should do their jobs and find the truth during times of war? Yes they absolutely should dig for deeper for what is really going on.

But lets take it back to the time of 9/11; nearly every American wanted justice for what was done and it would have looked extremely un-American for the media to question the White House. Walter Isaacson was then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CNN said “Especially right after 9/11. Especially when the war in Afghanistan is going on. There was a real sense that you don’t get that critical of a government that’s leading us in war time.”

During the period right after 9/11 if CNN or Fox News or any other news network seemed anti-American or anti-war on terror then their viewers would stop watching which would lead to smaller profits. These networks are a business and showing what is popular is what gets them the money.

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