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Blog4: Buying the War

It is my opinion that journalists should ABSOLUTLY challenge the President/ Military Leaders during a war.  Journalists are there to inform and report to the people and if that means asking the tough questions to our leaders it is absolutely within their rights and something they should do.  I hope that journalists recognize this and do challenge the superiors, hold them accountable for what they are telling you and make sure it is the truth and not some sugar coated version of the truth.   I think that this is only increased after major crises.  In a state such as September 11, when there is so many unknowns it is vital that the public get as much information as they can from the right places in order to form logical well supported opinions about what is happening.  After a crisis the role of journalists, as always, is to inform the public. Report what you know and have heard from the inside (i.e. Press Conferences etc) and get the information that you can to the public.  We have a right to know and I would hope that journalists would recognize that.

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