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Challenging Government during War-Time

The question of challenging the president or military leaders during time of war is loaded.  There are questions and challenges to be made and asked at every level.  Starting with the basic: should we go to war? Then to: What is the plan exaclty?

Pre 9/11 I’d say yes, absolutely challenge a huge decision like going to war.  “Buying the War” mentioned how Pres. Bush had a press release with a list of journalists that he could call on.  They only asked surface questions.  They did not even ask about how Iraq was connected to the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  TThey all just agreed with him, the video said there wasn’t even any hard evidence to back up Bush’s claims during his press release that led to war.  Why did no one question this? Because the US was attacked and the overall census was to retaliate but at who?  The Government picked Iraq and Afghanistan and off we went to war.

The entire time the decisions listed above were being made, journalists were practically forced to agree with the president or they were being un-American and unpatriotic. 

Ideally, during a crisis the journalists would provide the facts of the situation so that the government and the nation can make informed decisions.  After the crisis, the journalists should review the facts and the decisions made and criticize/analyze whether the government made the right decisions.

Who knows where we would be if the papers and television crews had reported a little less on the emotional side of 9/11 facts and a little more on the critical side of the situation and the possible outcomes.

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