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Role of Journalists

In today’s world, it is no major issue to criticise the active President.  The reason for this is because of all the ammo we are given by the press.  Some could say it’s a good thing, others would easily disagree to say it’s a terrible thing.  Where the issue stands though, is that it is fair for journalists to challenge the president or other military leaders during a war.  Before I get lynched for saying such a thing hear me out.  When I say challenge, I am not encouraging you to be the 100th person to forward the latest anti Obama email.  What I mean by challenge is to do what the press most do as part of the American system, inform.  Although, in a perfect world it would be an unbiased system, this world is not perfect.  I believe it is fair to ask for different sides to each story though.  A critical way to obtain information is over the internet.  An internet user can access many different sides to a story with just a few clicks to his or her mouse.  The only draw back to this, is that when you are looking for information it can be intimidating and overwhelming to find something with so much information floating around in cyber world.

There are exceptions for challenging the president though.  If there is a major crisis that happens on American soil such as 9/11, I do not see the positive side of getting angry at ones own government.  There has never been a president who wishes horrible things to happen to his country, and let’s pray there never is!

The major role of journalists during a crisis should be to show what is happening at ground zero.  People may understand what happened but when a crisis happens, people want to know what is going on where they can’t see.  After a crisis, the people want to know two things.

  1. They want to know what is being done to repair/fix the issue at hand.
  2. What the government is going to do to make sure something like this can not happen again.

Where we stand in today’s society is what I mentioned above, we do have many different resources.  The internet, television, and even the ancient newspaper.  The question I would like to pose is, how can the American people influence how the journalist cover major issues and political figures in today’s world?


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