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Blog 5: Blunt and Carnahan take on Immigration

Immigration is a hot issue in Washington, especially with the controversial Arizona law, which would give police the right to question people’s immigration status if they have a reasonable belief they are not a citizen of the United States. STLToday, along with The Associated Press, took this issue to Carnahan and Blunt. The article framed this as an important issue,¬†highlighting the candidates different viewpoints. The interview style of questioning made it seem as if it was coming directly from the candidates, which was all the more persuasive. By breaking it down into “Carnahan” and “Blunt” using direct quotes, the reader could get a clearer idea of where each person stood on the issue.

While the article’s initial frame was to differentiate the two opinions, both candidates answered in a similar fashion.

On whether they agree with the Arizona law:

… and they [Arizona] wouldn’t have to deal with it if the federal government would do its job, which is to secure the border- Blunt

I actually think most states would like the federal government to just do its job- Carnahan

Most of their answers only differed slightly, but they did disagree about whether or not the state police should have to deal with this issue. That said, they did also say that they agreed that immigration was an issue the state should not have to deal with in the first place. While there are ultimately different solutions to the immigration problem, STLToday framed this article in such a way that placed a great importance on the fact that Carnahan and Blunt disagreed in one area. This could potentially confuse a reader into thinking these two candidates are completely different, when that just is not the case. In a lot of cases, candidates from different parties are actually more alike than one would think, but the media makes it seem like Democrats and Republicans are always rivals and on the opposite ends of the spectrum. It just takes more effort to really look into the issues. However, the likelihood of that happening? Not so good.


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