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Blog 5 – Blunt and Carnahan

The battle for the Senate spot is getting more interesting each day.  If you are much of a television viewer you probably have seen many television ads coming from both Blunt’s campaign team as well as  Carnahan’s campaign team.  The interesting thing is, they both are just about as nasty as one another for blaming each other for different things.  Carnahan wants people to believe that Blunt is a money hungry man who will meet with any lobbyist.  Blunt wants people to think that Carnahan is just another democrat interested in what tea party supporters would call socialist views.  One topic that is under the microscope is the topic of health care.

In an article published Friday September 17th written on CNBC’s website the author wants to frame the story as a way to understand both candidates view on health care.  (You can view the article here).  Obviously, Blunt is not in favor of the idea of government health care and Carnahan is.  Although, that is the way it is meant to be framed it is interesting seeing how the two of them agree on a few things such as how they both agree on the fact that there does need to be a change in the current health care problem.   Carnahan says,

Insurance rates continue to go up, and that needs to get under control.”

Blunt then agrees by saying,

I think you have to start over again.”

The two of them may not agree on the topic of pro-choice or pro-life, but the do agree that the process of an abortion should not be funded by tax payer dollars.

We will have to wait until November 1st to see what happens in this show down, but everyone can agree on one thing, it will be a race to the finish.

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