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Blog 5: Blunt/Carnahan Senate Race frames and issue prominence


“Carnahan is running an outdated campaign” by: E. Thomas McClanahan from the Kansas City Star takes a clear and direct position from the start, beginning with the title of the article itself. McClanahan sets up the article with describing how Carnahan’s attempted portrayal of Blunt could have been very damaging to his campaign.

“If this were 2006, Blunt would be losing badly. Voters were fed up with the Republican Congress and its chronic spending and heavy scandals.”        

    Afterall, as Mclanahan reminds us, at that time Blunt was the Republican whip and was one of Tom Delay’s key officers. Thus, he played a key role in the Republican government that was so heavily frowned upon and would have been a much easier opponent to defeat. But that was 2006, as McClanahan points out, it is 2010 now and “Republicans haven’t controlled Capitol Hill for four years”.  This election is instead influenced by the Obama administration & the Democrats who are currently in control. The article clearly sets the current political stage and does not hesistate to address the Democrats mistakes. From economic woes to failing health care, McClanhan points out Democrat reforms that have sent Independent voters running. The framing takes a thematic approach when looking at the problems with the different political parties, but sways to a more episodic perspective when discussing Blunt and Carnahan individually. It’s essential for McClanhan to explore both aspects of the campaign, the individuals themselves are obviously front and center but the parties they identify with also fall under scrutiny.

McClanhan seems to find biggest fault with Carnahan mainly because of what she hasn’t done. Carnahan was a proponent  and endorsed  both the stimulus and health care bill, two reforms the Democrats have come under fire for.

“Carnahan hasn’t found a way to distance herself from this wreckage, assuming she had the inclinatination.”   

    The whole story is framed in a negative light towards Carnahan, with very few statements made in her favor. It is not so much that the article builds Blunt up at all, in fact it openly states the concerns that many voters’  have with him. McClanhan just casts such a strong doubt towards Carnahan and the Democratic party and questions their visions for America’s future.

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