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Blog 5: Carnahan/Blunt News article

In this article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch I read about Robin Carnahan and her backing from the Fraternal Order of Police and the International Association of Firefighters.    This article frames Carnahan as a fighter for the people, as a protector from layoffs.  The most prominent issue is the backers of the candidates “both Blunt and Carnahan have also been busy announcing the support of various special interest groups.”  A second issue of serious examination in this article is funding for federal resources for police and firefighters and “federal resources for police and firefighters, and also for a nationwide “interoperability” communications system that allows first responders to communicate with each other.”  Carnahan states that congress would simply have to “find it from somewhere”    Doesn’t sound like she has too much of a real plan to get the funding this project needs.

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