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BLOG 5: Framing and Politics

The Missouri Senate race between Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan has been heating up the past couple months as the opponents debate and  name calling. One such instance is the Roy “Bailout” Blunt and Robin “Rubberstamping” Carnahan show in this Politico article. The article is framed in a way to show the two big issues facing politics and America today: the bailout and the Obama health care/stimulus plan. The article focuses on how each opponent has used the negative image of the other to “frame” their opponent.

The article is is given the issue of the candidates and their nicknames prominence. It is framing the article in a way to make people think about why the candidates have been given their nicknames such as “Rubberstamping” and “Bailout” while at the same time drawing attention to those issues because they matter to Americans. The article uses the thematic framing by focusing on the big issues of the economy and health care while then using episodic framing by showing specific instances of the the two candidates.

The article ends given a very good definition of how the journalist (and the opponents) is framing the election and Roy Blunt and Robin Carnanhan.

But the language of “bailouts” versus “rubberstamping” succinctly frames the messages that both Show-Me state Senate campaigns will be using to define their opponents through that fall.

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