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Blog #5 : Framing in the political world

We have learned that framing has a lot of power in the political world.  Based on what we read we could believe one thing over another.  Framing refers to the way through the media, we highlight some aspect of an event, with doing this process we also turn an eye to other issues.  Those issues that we are ignoring could be of great importance to us, but by choice we choose to believe something else.

With this ad it is explaining how Blunt was part of the TARP bailout, it states that sometimes just making a simple accusation is more effective than bad mouthing a candidate all over the place.  The issue that is of prominence is just the fact that when it comes to political arguments maybe less is more.  It also shows prominence because it not only gives her saying what she thinks about him but it shows proof through the video.  This video is very effective because it doesn’t just bad mouth him it shows that journalists, like the man that was interviewing him, consider him part of the bailout as well.

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