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Blog 5: Framing the Missouri Senate Race

Almost everyone with access to a television right now has seen an advertisement for the Missouri Senate race between Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan.  Although the ads seem to be everywhere, a viewer would be hard pressed not to find a malicious attack ad.  Carnahan and Blunt are both running cut throat campaigns this year, accusing each other of being fraudulent Washington Insiders and rubberstampers.

In this article from the Kansas City Star, Roy Blunt is portrayed as a simple Missourian working for the people in Washington.  While there is no direct mention of Robin Carnahan, the general themes behind the article seem to direct themselves at her campaign and mildly portray her as an outsider.  Blunt, however, is framed as a normal person, a family man and a hard worker.  The article specifically touches on his time spent growing up in rural Missouri and as a school teacher before entering politics.  Even the smallest details make Blunt a relatable candidate, such as mentioning that he drives a Ford F-150.  While framing Blunt as an everyday family man working for true Missourians, the article also holds strong undertones of Blunt’s key campaign issues, such as bringing jobs to Missouri and repairing the economy.


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