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Blog 6: Are the Media Biased?

It is in my opinion that the media are defiantly a biased organization.  I know this because …

There is no such thing as an objective point of view…

While I had developed my own opinion on this topic long ago, I was interested to see what other people were saying about this topic.  So I took to the web and found this website devoted to media/political biases.  This website completely backs up my feelings that no matter how hard one tries to maintain fair and unbiased reporting, it is almost, if not fully, inevitable that some biasedness will creap its way into our news stories. This website defines bias as neither good nor bad but instead  

 Bias is a small word that identifies the collective influences of the entire context of a message

I don’t necessarily disagree with biases, simply because I know that they are virtually unvoidable by the average human being.  But I do think that is important for our news media to do their best to report in a fair and as close to an unbiased way that they can.

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