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Blog 6: Is the Media Biased?

The first time I read this question I initially said yes without a doubt in my mind it is. Each major news network (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ECT…) all seems to push one side of the things harder than the other. Whenever you turn you TV to Fox news you hear people talking about the Tea Party and blasting the Obama administration for how bad the economy has gotten. When you flip to CNN it appears to be the exact opposite.

Well is it just that talk/ debate shows that show biasness? I would have to say no but only to an extent. The Fox news website has articles and videos which show a more conservative perspective. On the their website under the politics tab one of the videos is titled “Democrats’’ blame game continues” with the text below it saying, “Republicans held responsible for economy.” Now I’m no political or media expert but that seems to be pushing people to think that the democrats are putting the blame of the nations economic issues solely on the republicans shoulder or that is how Fox news wants people to see it.

As Isaac Morton wrote in his article “Is the media biased?” on the examiner website, “If the reporter decides to leave out facts on one side of the argument it can have a major effect on how the majority of Americans feel about the issue.” What I think he is getting at is that a good portion of Americans do not want to take the time to research every topic and form their own opinion; they want to read one article and take it as fact.  He goes on the say, “I believe that most writers just have their own opinion and it comes out in the article inadvertently. Other writers purposely frame their article to have a bias and to support their opinion in the matter.”

In the end I do believe that the media is bias but it is the responsibility of the reader to not be swayed by one article and read others then formulate an opinion.

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  1. October 15, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    Taylor: Good blog entry. But be sure to add a category for each blog entry. Not doing so is costing you points on the grade.

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