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Blog #6 : Is the media biased?

The question seems simple, ” Is the media biased, and how do I know.”   It seems like there should be an easy answer but there isn’t.  On one hand the media is biased, they choose to believe what they want and they show it by conducing the interviews and research of their choice.  The media has the ability to change the mind of the people that watch or read their publications, for this fact it is obvious that they need to have an opinion of their own.  In a way the media is there to persuade us to believe one thing over another.  Another way to view the media is to think that they are unbiased and they are there to give us the information that we cannot find ourselves.  They are there to give us the deep angel and information about various events that we are unable to get to the bottom of.  In this media bias youtube video, a random man, of no importance tries to show an average person on his view of media bias.  Everyone has a their own ideas and beliefs on what they think the media is trying to persuade to the public.  If i had to answer a definite yes or no on this particular question I would say yes.  Yes the media is biased, however it depends on the specific person.  Each media outlet has their own voice and tries to portray what they feel is right and what they feel is wrong.  I believe this way, and I know that this is true because I have been watching and viewing the media since before I could remember.  Everytime I watch a newscast, or read an article or watch a commercial I find myself leaning towards one way over another.  However, deciding if the media is biased also depends on your views in the political world, some see the media as being left or right sided bias.  This also depends on what you choose to watch or read.  Some magazines and television stations are more liberal and have beliefs in that direction or some are more conservative.

“I don’t hold much stock in people’s analyzation, ’cause I know everybody’s got a slant,” says Chris Neil, a 26-year-old graduate student in music at Georgia State. “There’s going to be a different slant at CNN, and a different slant at Fox.”

This is a quote from a CNN article, although it doesn’t come right out and say that the media is biased, it does show that normal citizens understand that different stations inhibit different beliefs.

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