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Blog 6: Media Bias

Bias in the media is certainly a topic that could be discussed and argued by many based on numerous factors. Is the media biased? Well that would depend on who you ask, whether that person’s views tend to sway to the right or left, what forms of media you are listening to, watching, or reading, etc…

The Hostile Media Phenomenon is defined by the book:

Research has shown that, in general, people who are highly committed to a point of view – strong Democrats or Republicans, for example – percieve impartial news stories to be biased in favor of their opponents.

This concept shows us that media coverage is subjective. I think the media can do its best to exempt bias, but it just is not always possible. From framing stories to support a claim, highlighting or ignoring facts that would support one agenda or another, attaching labels to influence readers to think a certain way, or emphasizing particular aspects of a policy, for example, to support a liberal point of view rather than conservative point of view, it is not to hard to point out biases in stories. Especially when journalism rest on fallible and culturally determined human judgements.

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