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Blog 6: Media Bias

Before reading the Gunther & Schmitt article, “Mapping boundaries of the hostile media effect” I would’ve said yes the Media are biased, and I still believe there is a certain amount of bias in the media. I will say that I agree with the article though, I believe I have a tendency to think the media is more against my viewpoint. I don’t believe that I’m unique in that sense either. Like Gunther & Schmitt prove in their essay, “partisans do systematically receive information in the mass media as hostile to their own opinions and perhaps more importantly data suggests this effect may be unique to mass media… The results suggest a reason for this mass media effect: The sense of broad reach an thus of potential influence on others invoked my mass media may generate perceptions of hostile content.”

I understand this to be true to life in that when I personally watch the news and see a viewpoint that I disagree with I believe the issue effects my fellow mankind and I am concerned for the masses. I don’t mean to say that every time I hear an opposing viewpoint I fear that the government is destroying the country in one fowl swoop, but I mean that I am concerned that it is wrong to educate the masses of viewers in an opinion so vastly different than mine; views that I believe to be wrong.



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