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BLOG 6: Media Bias

I think there is no question that bias is present in the media. Our past two weeks of class have been devoted to the discussion of a journalist’s role and the way they create and frame their stories. However, what is defined as “media bias” is debatable. The American Society of Newspaper Editors reports that 30% of adults see bias as “not being open-minded and neutral about the facts,” 29% say that it’s “having an agenda, and shaping the news report to fit it,” 29% believe that it’s “favoritism to a particular social or political group,” and 8% say bias in the news media is “all of these”. As potentially the most influential component of people’s knowledge of current events, source of entertainment, and the database used to gain their political awareness, a biased source could have detrimental effects on the projected outlet.

What I thought was interesting was looking at it from an economic standpoint. Those aware of media bias are often skeptical of news and are more cautious in their viewer ship, according to The Journal of Public Economics from Stanford University. The question then arises of whether the news corporations, aware of this doubt of integrity, are considering the possibility of profit and merit loss.  This skepticism depletes demand and the news corporation must set a lower price, simultaneously lowering its quality. This effects the probability of which stories are of interest and popularity are published.

No matter what way you look at it, bias is present in the media. I think the real question is whether or not it is acceptable.


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