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Blog 6: Who isn’t bias? (My own bias theory)

This week’s blog question can be summed up in one word: “yes.”  The media is biased because media is controlled by people.  While news networks, blogs, and radio shows have been trying for years to create an unbiased source of news, not one has succeeded.  The question I want to follow up in to in this blog is the second question; “how do you know?” along with my own question; “Is this a bad thing?”

I will first dive into the question, “how do you know that the media is biased.”  I think this is best described in the Gunther and Schmitt article as the hostile media effect.

“The hostile media perception, the tendency for partisans to judge mass media coverage as unfavorable to their own point of view, has been vividly demonstrated but no well explained.” (Mapping Boundaries of the Hostile Media Effect)

I will attempt to describe how we know that the media is biased.  For one, there are plenty of news sources that claim to be biased on their own behalf;  democratic undersground, CNS news, and even FOX news .  Even news personalities openly claim their personal bias


With all this self proclaimed bias, there are some sources out there who claim to tell nothing but the facts.  But by saying this are they not biased themselves?  I will explain this by provide the definition of bias according to dictionary.com.

“A particular tendency or inclination, esp. one that prevents unprejudiced consideration of a question; prejudice.”

A person who claims to be unbiased is in fact in direct violation of what it means to be unbiased.  This individual or news source has already a tendency or inclination (that they are unbiased) which in turns makes them biased themselves.  It is sort of a catch 22 idea but in reality it is true.

The next question I pose for this discussion is being biased a bad thing?  I firmly that being biased in itself is what defines us not only as Americans, but as human beings.  The key is not to be unbiased, but understand that everyone is biased, even yourself.  Self recognition of personal biases is the hardest part in having a constructive viewing, telling, or arguing about news.  If you can recognized that you are biased one way or another first, and can show that, taking part in the phenomenon that is news becomes easier.  I believe that news in an utopian world would not be unbiased, but rather free of criticism from having a bias.  If news affiliates can recognize that everyone has a bias and that they themselves have a bias, news will become what it is meant to be.  That is an interactive and mentally simulating event in which everyone is required to formulate their own opinions and not simply regurgitate what they are told to believe.

  1. October 11, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    So long as we think, there will be bias. I am a journalist, and while I would like to admit that I am unbiased, I have gone back to read past articles under my pen and have been like, “man, that sounds biased”. I suppose there is an art to being biased but expressing it in a way that is more digestible for others. Interesting question.

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