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Blog 7: Democrat and Republican Media Selectivity

When you turn on the television today, most “news” sources are biased. The partisan press is dominant now more than ever before. Democrats tend to gather their news from MSNBC, which has a more liberal bias, whereas Republicans’ prime source of political information comes from Fox News. Some might describe this behavior of only listening to Republican or Democratic news sources as assimilation bias. This assimilation bias occurs when one finds the information more supportive to their views rather than their opponents. I see many problems with the concept of such a partisan press.

The issue with partisan press is the fact, that viewers do not get competing views.  According to the article by Mutz and Martin, they unanimously agree that citizens should be exposed to diverse political views. “Most social scientists concur that political attitudes and opinions are formed through social interaction, political discussion, and personal reflection, and these processes are of a higher quality when people are exposed to dissimilar perspectives.”  For a person to receive dissimilar interests they must be open to discussion competing interests with people in their environment. They also have to be willing to be in control of the selectivity of information. I believe that it is beneficial to inform yourself of the competing viewpoints out there. As stated above this can help you with political discussions among peers. It is better to know both sides of the debate rather than just one.  I believe it is almost a duty as a citizen of the United States to be informed of all political view points that are out there. The one issue holding back many citizens is their selection habits. Many Americans are comfortable hearing viewpoints that enforce their currently held beliefs.

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