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Blog 7: Diversifying sources for political informations

I think that the hostile media perception that was explained in the article “Mapping Boundaries  of the hostile media effect” tend to be the reason why partisan people are more likely to find their political informations in partisan press. Since they usually consider that neutral sources/ media or aticle are actually more advantageous for the other side, they might prefer sources which present argument in line with their opinions.

Nevertheless, I believe that this is neither good nor efficient because collecting our political informations that way prevent us to have a full and objective knowledge of the different aspects of an issue. Since we studied the various framing effect, we now know that selecting the aspect of an issue that you want to present is quite common in journalism (especially in partisan press).

Finally, the biggest riskof getting the information only from a source which present our own ideas is misinformation, defined in the US embassy of Cambodia’s website as:

Misinformation can be further subdivided into:

  • Media Mistakes which happen frequently given the pressure of deadlines and imperfect knowledge
  • Urban Legends — untrue stories that are widely believed because they speak to a widespread fear, hope, or other emotion
  • Conspiracy Theories — Belief that powerful, evil hidden forces are secretly manipulating the course of world events and history.

I found a very interesting video about misinformation on CBSnews’ website called “Media misinformation” and deals with the fact that:

“With the scandal over Shirley Sherrod’s speech, Jeff Greenfield notes that misinformation in the digital age is spreading as more people turn to news sites that reinforce their pre-existing beliefs.”

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