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Blog 7: Does it matter?

In today’s media there is a very distinct partisan presence. Democrats go to places like MSNBC while the republicans will go to Fox News for their information. Both of these news organizations are known as being apart of partisan press, which I think is fine.

Now I’m not saying that everyone should only look at one side of the arguments; but as people get older and learn more about who they are and what they believe it does not seem to make a whole lot of sense for them to look at other places. My parents are both republicans and they always vote for who ever is running for the republican party, so it would not seem logical for them to look at the democratic side of things during election times. I’m not saying that they are uninformed voters but if you already know what side you support then don’t waste your time looking at the other side.

As for people more our age or the more swing type voter it does matter. I cannot speak for everyone but as far as my friends go they really do not watch the news or read about the issues that consume the media today. They are more interested in watching sports or watching Jackass 3D. So it would be helpful for them to read an article that clearly pointed out both side of the argument and allowed to reader to think for themselves. For the swing voter it also matters and that is were I think having a non-partisan press would come in handy. These people are just like my friends and they need to be able to see both sides and come to their own conclusion.

So I guess I’m staying that we need a mixture of both partisan and non-partisan press.

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