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Blog 7: Does it really matter?

I think that if republicans and democrats get their news from completely different sources it could defiantly leave some room for some conflict and it could also create a wedge in the American public.  To be completely honest, it doesn’t matter if you are a strong Democrat or strong Republican, it is important to hear both sides of the news stories presented to you.  If people are constantly getting news stories that continue to build up and support their own views I think that the reader/watcher/listener could in fact become a little naive to what is really happening.   

Even from a young age I was taught that there are two sides to every story and that you should listen to and evaluate both sides before making your decisions.  Well if people are only getting their news based on one source over another they are not doing a very good job of that. 

To be completely honest, before taking this course, the topic of partisan news sources never even crossed my mind.  So for this blog assignment I was forced to do some research and really get a feel for partisan news sources.  I came across this Partisan News site in order to get a feel for what is out there.  To be honest, I was not to impressed with the site itself I would much rather prefer to take the time and watch MSNBC or Fox News or whatever the case may be and do some active listening and form my own opinions based on two very different views presented by the two different sources.  I think that if hardcore democrats or hardcore republicans would take the time to do some active listening and try to get both sides of the issues instead of simply relying on their favorite news sources simply because they agree with their opinions and views, there would be a few less debates on who was right or wrong and maybe open the door to people focusing on the issues at hand and how to fix them

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