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Blog #7: Media Bias, good or bad?

In general, US citizens would probably unanimously agree that most American media outlets are biased in one way or another. What Americans would have a difficult time deciding is whether this media bias is good or bad. Those against the media exhibiting any form of bias would argue that with every new outlet’s unique spin on a story, it is hard for the public to decide what the actual truth is. Another argument against media bias is that the different angles and ways media outlets spin a story might influence peoples’ perspectives on the issue. Now if this were a campaign , changing peoples’ views on issues to align with your own would be great, but the purpose of the news is to inform us about issues not tell how us to feel about them. On the flip side, people who support media bias would argue that all these different outlets, with all different voices is a true example of what democracy is. Afterall, isn’t allowing people to express their ideas and opinions, even if we don’t personally agree, what free speech and a democratic government are all about? The article, “Partisan media the sign of open society” by The Nation discusses media in relation to Thailand, which is now just becoming a more open society. The Nation states:
“As long as everyone respects different opinions, accepts unorthodox presentation and does not mean any harm toward others then the diversification of Thai media will become like an orchard of democracy, whose fruit will only benefit the country. After all, true wisdom comes not from just one source of knowledge, but several different ones.”
 This quote suggests that maybe hearing news from all different sources is the only way to really make the most informed decision possible. Another aspect that plays into media bias, is the “hostile media effect”, which is the idea that people who are most partisan are cynical of the media and press because of bias. Education is knowledge, thus being aware of media bias already gives consumers a heads up when forming their own perspectives on issues. The bias in media does not appear to be lessening anytime in the near future, so consulting different media outlets is probably the best way to gather all the information and decide for yourself.

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