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Blog 7: News source

Republicans and Democrats getting their news from two separate places is a bad thing. It makes news media from both sides move towards an view to the right, or extremist to the left. This perpetuates the rift between the two parties. News sources have become more biased because they are only reporting to one party so the rhetoric is becoming more extreme in one direction. This is caused by lack of opposition from viewers, it is a sort of group think in mass-media form. Because they are so focused on pleasing their viewers and generating a profit the media may not accurately report the news; they may skew, or “spin” the news to make their party look better. By doing this the media is loosing their role as a watchdog, because Republican sources agree with all things Republican and vice-versa.

This is important because the moreĀ  extreme both sides get the less critical analysis the news may be. The viewers watching extremist views will not get the full story, or opposing viewpoints. This will further the divide the viewpoints of the two groups, creating a less cohesive, and critical audience.

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