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BLOG 7: Partisan News

No matter what side you are on, Republican or Democratic getting fair and accurate news is going to be difficult. If Republicans get their political news from only one place while the Democrats get their news from only one place it does matter. However, whether this is good or bad is a more complex subject. The fact that Republicans mainly go somewhere like FOX news to get there political news while Democrats mainly go to somewhere like CNN show that there are biased in the news media and that people are aware of it. More importantly it shows that the partisans know of these biased opinions as they are watching their respective networks yet they continue to get their news from that one place.

The website Partisannews.com is very interesting and helps with the question over whether getting news from only one place which shows only certain partisan news is good or bad. On this website you are allowed to slide a bar which shows “how partisan” a story is. You can pick the partisan level read the story and then pick related stories which are called “Other Viewpoints on This Story”.

When randomly picking a story from the main screen titled “Gay service members cautioned after ‘don’t ask, don’t tell rules” it was considered ‘3-Moderately Left’. However, hitting the other viewpoints button did not bring up stories from the right. The most “right” other viewpoints got was “0-No Partisan”. Therefore if a Republican had tried to read storied on this subject they would have found very little. Their side of the story would have been much skewed with almost no news coverage whatsoever coming from their partisan networks. The result of this test is not good. The fact that Republicans and Democrats are not only getting different sides of the story but also that some stories are not even reaching certain sides does not bode well for the political system. The “About Us” section of the website explains the need for a website like this

News is politically biased. Who are you reading? PartisanNews.com is a News aggregation site pulling from feeds all over the internet. It allows users to read, filter, compare, and discuss News stories by political affiliation of the media source. Users can vote and rank media outlets on their perceived level of political affiliation. The highlight of the site is a political affiliation slider that allows the user to fine-tune the news sources displayed, from both political extremes to non-partisan and everything in between. Read from your preferred point of view and scoff at the rest, or compare and contrast extremes to find a middle ground.

While there will always be partisan press and partisan members will always tend to go to their news sources which share their opinions there need to be a better balance which allows the other side of the story to get in because where a person gets his or her news does matter a great deal.

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