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Blog 7: Partisanship Directing Viewership

Partisanship exists in the media. I consider that a matter of fact.  People seek out and take in news they feel comfortable with. They listen to people that they agree with, why wouldn’t they?  Most conservatives will say liberals dominate MSNBC and most liberals will say conservatives dominate Fox News.

fox-news-logo.jpg Vs.       msnbc logo

Neither side admits to such accusations however the connection obviously exists.  Partisan ship plays just as much of a role in newspapers as in television.

Is partisanship directing viewership good or bad?  I say bad, because partisanship in media sure isn’t good.  Unfortunately that’s the way it is and how it’s always been.  People are inevitably bias.  Their bias affects everything they do, especially their work.  Viewers and readers respond to those bias because they share them.  A small gray is present in the media where you can find objective journalism.  Objectivity in journalism is the main goal.  CNN, USA Today, and many international news organizations have neutral characteristics.  People that read enough news seek out objective journalism.  The rest watch and read what feels right.  You can’t fully develop and understand your views unless you see both sides.  The more sources you have the better.

People need objectivity in their information to ensure accuracy.  Most journalists strive for objectivity in their work but as I said personal bias still exist. It matters because journalism works for the people.  Journalists report and pre-digest information in order for people to take it in.  Bias and partisanship will play a role in the media as long as people act like humans.

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