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Blog 7: Republican and Democratic News Sources

If Republicans get their new source from one place and Democrats from another, does that really matter? Well I would suppose it depends on who our focus is on. Are we looking at partisans who could careless what the opposite end of the spectrum think? Are we looking at voters from states like Florida, Missouri, or Ohio who could potentially swing an entire Presidential election one way or another.  As we have learned in class, politicians do not waste time on Partisan political members. The likely hood of changing their grounded minds are slim to none. So does it matter if they tend to just stay in their comfort zone and watch Fox or MSNBC or read The New York Times or the ? No.

With that said, I would not dare enter into any sort of political argument or intelligent conversation with an individual that is so pro right or left wing that is would be impossible to even attempt to make a point in my favor. People without curiosity for a view different from their own are irrelevant to a conversation. Willing to stay in sustained dialoge to see and asses that which is different than their own opinion is a valued characteristic, even from a partisan member.

I am not necessarily saying that Republicans and Democrats getting their information from different places is bad. However, I would find it limiting for any individual who wishes to have a better understanding of politics in our country. While listening to NPR the other afternoon a gentleman by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche  summed it up by saying

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.

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