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Republican vs. Democrat News

Partisan news has its pros and cons. 

The Pros:

“Two potential benefits of exposure to oppositional views, the opportunity to change one’s mind and adopt a normatively better viewpoint, and the deeper understanding of one’s own position acquired through confronting different perspectives.”

If there is party-biased news out in the world then there are always two sides arguing about its legitimacy.  That also means that the articles are formulated to be pleasing to one specific party.  Their word choice and overall topics would be slanted.  People don’t usually read/watch the news to get worked up and angry, they watch to get the information they seek.  On the other hand, if one article was unbiased and gave all the facts then there is no involvement from the reader or retaliation or argument.  Biased news  gives the readers the opportunity to compare and contrast, and expand knowledge their view on many topics.  We have been talking about how Americans are politically stupid (They say whatever they can recall from some news source taking it as fact without proof).  Which leads me into the …


If someone is reading a biased newspaper without being previously aware of its’ bias, then they are not getting all the information they need on the topic at hand.  People need to be made aware of which news sources lean towards Republican and which lean towards Democratic. 

My opinion is that in general partisan news is good.  The one con can and usually is solved when politics are discussed.  With so many news outlets, it is easy to find a diverse amount of information known in a small group of people.  So whether or not someone is exposed to just one news source, they are eventually integrated when other people are involved. 

If the news were not biased towards one party, our political environment would be radically different.  We would only need to read one news source because it would include both perspectives.  There would be no compare and contrast.  Essentially, the news world would be boring to viewers/readers.

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